Robert Westra 2


Robert Westra’s next letter added more thoughts and insights following his reading of For Elise. He has given permission to share them with you.

“The English belief about themselves was well established in your book, very similar to that described by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels. This portrayal of Englishmen was certainly displayed in Percy’s stance in the photo on page 280. Beliefs are difficult to change if they can be changed at all. It takes 3 to 4 generations, which Myrna Kostash wove in her book, All of Baba’s Children, and now you in your book. Kostash wrote several books after her first one, which I have not read yet. Groom wrote in her book, “Codependency holds a person hostage to other people’s behaviors, moods, or opinions, and the codependent bases his or her worth and actions on someone else’s life”. On the other hand, the movies today reinforce the idea that we can be self-sufficient and independent of others (the issues of Human Rights). But there are problems with that belief as well. Shakespeare called these stories of people who think they are invincible and can stand alone, including myself at times, as tragedies. The last person standing is the winner is the current thought today, especially in many movies. Many unthinking youth and adults who watch them and believe them to be true lead tragic ends. Movies like “Breaking Bad” or “House of Cards”. About classic geniuses who believe they were untouchable and were the final answers to everyone.”

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