Travels in Ontario 1

How truly blessed I am! My husband Art and I have just returned from a rather ambitious 17 day, 2500 kilometer tour in Ontario. We combined a family gathering with visits to longtime friends, and ‘readings’ for my book, For Elise at libraries. I’d like to share some of my adventures.
When I Lion's Head 2say ‘longtime friends’ it is not an exaggeration. Do you remember the weekly, ‘Family Herald’ that arrived with a large picture on the front cover? When friends sent this picture to my mother she thought it worthy and submitted the photo. They accepted it and it arrived in due time. A number of horse loving people responded. One of them became not only a pen pal, but a friend. Oriole Family Herald smaller I don’t have the date of the issue at hand, but it must have been 1946 which would make it seventy years of sharing our lives. As we approach the end of our lives to have a cup of tea in her kitchen in Barrow Bay felt both bittersweet and precious.

Oriole and Katie Govier

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