Life and Research Revisited

“Time flies more quickly the older I get,” my mother warned.  And so it seems to me.  When I notice the date of my last blog I am shocked. How could it be?

Our very cold winter has faded into almost spring-like weather. We are warned of a Colorado Low on the way which can only mean lots of snow with misery in getting out and about. The city of Winnipeg cancelled it’s parking restrictions on Wednesday; today there is another message to say they will be reinstated as of Sunday night.  Retirement’s best side is to be able to sip my coffee in contentment. I have faced plenty of weather challenges and am thankful to have come safely through them all. Now plans that involve a scary drive are willingly given up.

I’ve not been lazing around though. Monday mornings I curl in the Chaplains’ league wearing a helmet, using a stick to send my rock down the ice. I joined a writers’ group after Christmas and enjoy their writing challenges and stimulating readings. Also, I dug out an old skill and made my granddaughter a cute long pink ballerina nightgown.

And then in an effort to tidy up my office, I though that offering a series of lectures on my research would facilitate getting my material to the archives at Brandon University. Already, two lectures are in the past—what I knew before I began,  research trips to Germany, and England. My files, however are in an even greater state of disarray. This Wednesday I will conclude by untangling the Canadian puzzles, and sharing the decisions I made to get the story written and published. The participants are wonderfully responsive, and I am very pleased I’ve had this opportunity. I will tidy my files when  the series concludes.

I have managed to link three of my published research papers on my web page under Author. The Alabaster Chronicle published them away back in the early years of this century, but the group I am working with would like to read them. Chips of Alabaster One and Two, and Percy’s Education. They are there if you wish to learn more about research and my journey.

Now, however I have another first on the horizon. Portage la Prairie librarian is planning a Winter Wheat Literary Festival, March 17. She has some wonderful authors to present, and myself to lead a writers’ workshop of my choosing—Integrity: Writing Your Truth.  I’m excited.



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