Crisis for Oriole

McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg have been selling For Elise since my first printing in 2012. Finding only one book on its place on the bottom shelf should make me happy and I’d restock. But, my supply is almost depleted.

Should I order another printing? If so how many? And should I change anything? Good problems right? 

Or should I return to my former hobbies and complete some of the projects waiting for attention. Looking back fifty years is not so long

I dug out my bags of wool and plan to complete a set of chair cushions for our set of Mennonite chairs. I used lichen and flowers to dye the colours. The wool is not the best quality, not good for real spinning. It works well for my hand spindle and hook.

When I participate in the Living History projects it is easy to set up to demonstrate. I will be demonstrating in August at the Scottish Pavilion during Folklorama and at St. Norbert Farmers’ Market pioneer skills day August 8.

Maybe I can do both. . . .

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