For Elise, 4th Edition

The printers,  Friesens, will deliver fifty boxes of the fourth edition of ‘For Elise’ on September 21. While my peers are busy downsizing I’m doing the opposite. I have only 10 books left of 2900 and just couldn’t face the future without new books to give me an excuse to go places and introduce my great grandmother to more people. This time I had the courage to include three pages at the end of the book about the great grandfather I didn’t know I had before I started all this research and writing. Now you don’t have to wonder any more about life in England for Great Grandfather Percy Criddle before coming to Manitoba. I’ll be taking the new edition on my next excursions: Brandon University Homecoming Saturday afternoon, Oct 13, and Portage la Prairie Library for a History event,  October 20.  I’ll be looking for other events so let me know if you have a suggestion.

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