Lowly Servant makes the Free Press front page

The ‘Lilac and Lace Luncheon’ celebrating the first Nellie McLung Day.  The group from Manitou created a beautiful event to raise funds to support Nellie McClung’s homes and keep her legacy alive. Our Living History Society was invited to welcome the guests and assist them to their places. What an honour to mingle with so many well known women and their supporters. I chose to wear my servant outfit sewn to honour my great grandmother in service to the Criddle family, but also all the other nameless women who toiled for others. What a humbling surprise to find my picture of the front page of the Free Press this June morning. How many will make the connection to my book, For Elise. Nellie has always been a heroine of mine, since my older sister read us the story of Sewing Seeds in Danny. Our father worked the fields where Millford once existed. We lived about ten miles from the farm where Nellie Mooney grew up and attended Northfield School. She had a wonderful teacher in that little pioneer school.

The six Power Panel speakers for the event were Johanna Hurme, Sylvia Kuzyk, Sheryl McCorrister, Hannah Pratt, Susan A. Thompson, and Kim Ulmer. Each speech was stunning on the “Moment I found my voice”.  We were all standing by the end. How fortunate I am to participate in such enriching events.

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