When Sickness Strikes

Our 2019 Christmas, and 2020 New Year celebrations were just about the best ever. Then as we coasted through January we received a phone call from Ontario. Our daughter was, and had been in an induced coma since New Year’s Day. It seems she celebrated Christmas with family guests in her home and New Year’s Eve complained of neck pain. Her husband took her to the hospital next morning and she was admitted to intensive care and had been there in a coma since.  After two weeks they stopped the coma medication, but little changed. I immediately contacted friends to ask for prayer. We were devastated and decided to fly to Toronto and spend a week with her. She was out of intensive care, but still hooked up to multiple tubes when we arrived. But she had responded to a nurse’s question with a slight nod. That opened a tiny crack of hope.  I spent a lot of time messaging her arms, hands, legs and feet. Her head hurt too much to touch at first, but within the week she was happy to have me massage it as well. In fact she wanted me to keep rubbing. We returned home a week later exhausted from long days in the hospital, but we felt our visit had been helpful.

News from the hospital is encouraging. She is breathing on her own, is able to move her legs, feet and fingers a little. Yesterday she moved her right arm for the first time. And wonder of wonders, Anna’s friend phoned and said, “I am in Anna’s room. Anna wants to talk to you.”  I heard her speak clearly and slowly. I was so overwhelmed I don’t remember what she said. I told her to be brave and keep up her hope. I promised to fly to see her again.  And then I went to the store and bought some yellow tulips to celebrate.

Talking about my book has taken second place for the time being.

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