Life During Isolation

Hi All:
All concerts, programs, and  socializing came to a halt and that realization forced me to be realistic. I set the goal to accomplish more of my life stories. Sadly I neglected this blog, ‘’, and my Facebook Page, ‘For Elise’.

There are just so many interesting ‘life’ interruptions that take my writing time. First, we needed masks and sewing them took precedence. My old skills were polished helping the grand-kids with their masks.

Among my many diversions were my husband’s new computer and his challenges of adjusting to Windows 10. He was making progress; then his computer got a virus. That took a half day to find what to do and who could do it. Then it had to be taken there and picked up with more time involved. CDC computers did a good job for us and I would recommend them.

Zoom had entered our life and communicating had been complicated by a very old modem. That had to be replaced if we really want to have uninterrupted sessions. The MTS technician came and the deed done, but suddenly I couldn’t access my email directly except by going on line. Hours of frustration spent with online help didn’t solve the problem, and created another. I’m told there is no connection between the two events, but I ask, “Why then did the problem occur at the same time.” It will be this week’s challenge.

Back to earlier times and Zoom. In November Gordon McBean asked me to participate in a Manitoba Genealogical Society project suggesting an effort to introduce new people, especially younger people to the hobby of discovering their family’s history. I began thinking of ideas and presented the project of writing short stories of our own lives. Have you ever said or heard? I should have asked Mother/Dad, and now, they are gone and I can’t.” If so take the time to write some of your memories of great Uncle Harry or Aunt Annie, or even better your own early memories.

From that evening came the plan to create a Family History Calendar for Christmas and solve the problem of presents when we couldn’t go shopping. I set to work. My goal was to catch the interest of my, and my siblings, grandchildren. It was Work, to ferret twelve pictures from my piles and files of information, and describe each in a few words. 1 2021 Calendar January  

I also added family birthdays and anniversary’s to the monthly calendar. City Press did a splendid job of printing and it has been well received.

Now I’ve been asked to do a Zoom session on Calendar project for the MGS Monday night meeting Feb. 22. Thus the main reason we had to update our internet access. In the lull between the projects I managed to complete a story of ‘My Tikinagan’ that I began in October at the request of the Living History Society. Someday I hope to publish a compilation of my short stories. Beyond my own family, they may be of interest to those who are looking for stories to read to seniors to stimulate conversation.

A coming birthday reminds me that my years of productive life expectancy are rapidly dwindling. In an effort to put off the inevitable I began last summer to keep track of my daily bike distances. I managed 500 K from September 1 to hanging up my bike for the winter in early November. I’ve never been a great walker so it’s an even greater challenge to exercise with complaining knees. Counting both indoor and outdoor steps, I try to reach 5000, or 3 K a day. Is that a realistic goal for 87? I save on greenhouse gas emissions by not driving to parks, walking instead in our neighbourhood. Clear, frosty air clears my head.

Another interruption—My husband has just come in from his walk for afternoon tea. I’m glad I have him for sure!!! He also keeps us in cookies.
Cheers to all fellow seniors. Keep safe. Oriole

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