Childhood Mornings

Cold Dark Manitoba Mornings

This winter of 2021-22 is an extraordinarily snowy, cold, old fashioned winter that reminds me of my childhood in the 194os. I have taken advantage of Covid19 isolation to write this little story. Did we ever have ‘snow days’ when schools were closed because of the weather? I, and the others of my vintage that I’ve asked, do not recall a single one, although there must have been blizzards that even  horses couldn’t navigate.  I do remember some challenging trips. An advantage with horses was their wonderful ability to find their way even when their driver could see nothing in the swirling whiteness but the team’s tails. Our journey, eight miles,  was longer than many rural children because our farm was on the outer edge of a consolidated school district.

Here is the link to my little story: Childhood Mornings 3

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