Glenbow Museum Library


Traveling home from Whistler a year ago, I stopped in Edmonton and left a copy of my book with friends. The University and Public Library had copies so I suggested my friend ask the Glenbow Museum in Calgary if they would like to have a copy yo add to their collection.  Their prairie archives are well known. On receiving a positive reply, Jim mailed them the book. Lindsay Moir, Senior Librarian, sent him the following reply which he forwarded to me with the comment: “Congratulations! What a fine accolade for a job well done!”

Ms. Moir’s words encapsulate my twelve years of struggle to convert my research into the life of the woman who made the Criddle success possible. She had been hidden from her descendants and forgotten as the story of Criddle’s success grew. I am thankful and honoured to know I have played a part in having Elise’s betrayal and sacrificial life treasured and preserved for future generations.

Glenbow, Calgary Alberta

August 23, 2017

Dear Mr. Robertson,

I would like to thank you and Ms. Veldhuis, for the copy of her book, For Elise, which you recently sent to the Glenbow Library.  The book is clearly based on thorough and meticulous research but the author has done a wonderful job of making it readable – something that is not always, and certainly not easily, done. I particularly enjoyed her way of integrating Elise’s thoughts with the excerpts of the dairies – the documentary record informing the creative writing. The story is extraordinary and, based as it is on actual people and events, disturbing. I am very happy to have it to add the Glenbow Library collation. Please convey my thanks to Ms. Veldhuis for thinking of us.

Yours Sincerely,

Lindsay Moir

Senior Librarian, Glenbow Museum Library