Covid19 has been hard on everyone. While isolated I wrote short stories of my own life for family and friends. They are fun to read and I hope will encourage discussion and even prompt people to write their own memories. Everyone has a story.

I have two more events  in Winnipeg this year.
The University Women’s Club on Westgate: Nov. 3-4
The German Christmas Market : Dec 1-3

I am six times vaccinated, plus the flue shot, but Christmas was spent in bed with Covid. My husband had eye surgery and the week before had been in a crowded waiting room to see the surgeon for a final check up. He passed it on to me. Fortunately we had mild cases and were were clear within a week.
I had surgery in June for a new knee which certainly slowed me down. My first adventure of this summer was to revisit the Beauhead Arts Festival in Beausejour. As the resident teacher in the  museum school house, I had a great time and met many fine people.

I do enjoy meeting people and even if my supply of books is going down, I can show and talk about the book and suggest they borrow a copy of “For Elise” from a friend or library. The digital book is still available and I also have an audio book. contact me through this web page.

For Elise, 4th edition is available in the Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, and Spruce Woods Provincial Park Gift Shop. Copies of earlier editions are in various libraries.

My fourth and last printing was beautifully done by Friesens. I have reluctantly accepted Percy Criddle as my great grandfather. I removed 3 pages of my thoughts and inserted information about  his life before coming to Canada.

ThOriole signing Moosomin smallerank you letters encourage me to think that someone else, not yet introduced to my great-grandmother, may appreciate her story. And so, I will continue to respond to invitations. Contact me and we’ll have a conversation. I have one date for the new year confirmed.

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Archivists Stockach 2015 Highlights from Overseas

Visited Stockach, Germany, in June of 2015—home of Elise’s ancestor’s. I presented a book to the archivists who helped me research the Harrer family. “The earliest record of Harrers in Stockach was 1790 and from then on they were often mentioned as making a positive contribution to the community.”

Hadleigh, England, I gave a short presentation at Alabaster Gathering.. Percy’s mother, Mary Ann Alabaster Criddle, was an artist in London. Members of the Alabaster Society have been very supportive, assisting my research and my writing of For Elise. Read more  Alabaster Society