ThOriole signing Moosomin smallerankyou letters encourage me to think that someone else, not yet introduced to my great-grandmother, may appreciate her story. And so, I continue to respond to invitations. How fortunate I am to have the health to travel and meet with such enthusiastic readers. As of October 1st, I have a new printing of 500 books beautifully done by Friesens. This 4th edition has my acknowledgment that Percy Criddle is my great grandfather with three pages describing him and his family before coming to Canada.

I have a fresh printing to share and am open to participate in ‘readings’ and book clubs. Contact me and we’ll have a conversation.

Reading Selkirk Community Art Centre Gwen Fox Gallery Sat. July 6 1-4
250 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba

Upcoming  Event: August 16-18, 2019  

Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe:
Grow Your Family Tree
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Oriole’s Presentation: Family Secret Brought to Light
Alternate Title
100 Years of Shame: What Really Happened, and How it Became a Book

Summary: Genealogical guidelines and painstaking research resulted in uncovering a shocking story of a German woman’s life during Manitoba’s settlement years after 1882. Her contribution to the Criddle homestead was lost. Oriole describes her steps to unlock the secret shame and create a unique creative non-fiction,  award winning story from the underside of his-history.

Bus Tour will go again this fall September 17.
Points West, Carberry, The Criddle/Vane Homestead, and Wawanesa. Creative Retirement has now found parking for our cars during the day while we were away.

Criddle/Vane Annual Picnic August 11, starting at 12 noon.

Ashern reading was postponed because a prairie fire threatened last spring. I will be there to celebrate Ashern United Church’s 100th anniversary Sept. 8.

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Archivists Stockach 2015 Highlights from Overseas

Visited Stockach, Germany, in June of 2015—home of Elise’s ancestor’s. I presented a book to the archivists who helped me research the Harrer family. The earliest record of Harrers in Stockach was 1790 and from then on they were often mentioned as making a positive contribution to the community.  A newly discovered cousin, Roland and Dorothea Harrer hosted us during our visit.

Hadleigh, England, April 2014, gave a short presentation at Alabaster Gathering.. Percy’s mother, Mary Ann Alabaster Criddle, was an artist in London. Members of the Alabaster Society have been very supportive, assisting my research and my writing of For Elise. Read more  Alabaster Society